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We believe there is no substitute for aggressive promotion, networking, and a deep comprehension of market conditions. It is important to always hire the real estate agent with a marketing strategy.

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Our society is constantly shifting towards more improved ways for people to stay connected. Today, the average consumer is using multiple devices to shop, communicate, search & entertain. This has created a capacious world available at our fingertips that is just too convenient to ignore. There has been an undeniable change: people trading newspapers for tablets and magazines for apps on their phone. This is why the MM Pro Real Estate Team is going with the ebb and flow of our evolving society. 93% of home searches begin on the Internet, so we are going to focus on marketing our properties to that broader audience. We crunched the numbers: 974 million people are actively using twitter. 300 million are using Instagram, with 75 million people checking the site daily. One billion people hold Facebook accounts with 250 million accessing it from their mobile devices. A single web post can potentially reach any consumer, anywhere in the world. From a Real Estate perspective, this means providing essential information to not only Kingston residents but military families relocating, out of town investors looking for rentals, medical professionals coming to work at KGH, families seeking waterfront properties to overlook the iconic 1000 islands, the list goes on. Furthermore, unlike magazines that tend to be released each month and newspapers that come out weekly, online outlets are constantly looking to generate and update content. Fortune 500 companies have swapped print advertising for the world wide web and have grown exponentially. To be at the forefront of real estate, we are following in the shadows of these blue chip retail companies to yield maximum results for our buyers and sellers. Another benefit of online advertising campaigns is the ability to measure outcomes and track user locations. It will help our team determine the effectiveness of each marketing avenue to ensure we are achieving the greatest results for our clients. Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, we can guarantee to offer quick, current and convenient information. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to remain one of the top real estate teams in Kingston, and moving our marketing from print to the world wide web is one more way that the MM Pro Real Estate Team stays ahead of the game.